Play Therapist

Certified in 2014 with the Association for Play Therapy as a Play Therapist


I enjoy working with adults because I am in awe of any age client who is a survivor.


I especially enjoy working with codependent women, I am often humbled by the stories of resilience I am honored and privileged to hear.

Maureen Jones …

Prior to my dream job as a counselor, I was a certified K-12 teacher with an MA in Curriculum and Instruction. I am proud of the 30 years I spent in education, because it is there that I learned how to relate to children. I also learned about the unique needs of children and the trials of their parents both as a teacher and a parent.
I have a deep respect for children and I believe they are very intuitive. I utilize a Child-Centered theoretical approach with young children. The playroom I provide is filled with intentionally themed toys that are used by the child (instead of words) to express themselves.
My approach to counseling adults involves creating a safe environment for clients to examine their desires. The client always takes the lead yet I refuse to be one of those “head-nodding” counselors. I believe counseling is a sacred experience that can help all clients that are honest with themselves.


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